• 1 out of 4 individuals are now diagnosed each year with mental illness in the USA. That does not include those who are not diagnosed. That is more than cancer and cardiac combined.
  • 90% of those treated and in compliance recover.
  • The number 1 reason of disability in the USA is related to a mental health condition
  • We are at epidemic proportions with drug addiction. It can start with prescribed medications, recreational, peer pressure, inability to say no, feeling guilty, and poor coping skills.
  • We can learn to recognize and respond to a crisis
  • One life lost is one too many


Service Style

  • Complimentary Consults
  • Customized to your business or organization's needs
  • Motivational
  • Formal or informal (round table)
  • Small and large groups welcomed
  • Confidential private administrative services as requested

 If your company or organization has employee challenges    and what has been implemented is not getting you the      end result you are looking for then something has to change.  Koala Cares has a series of educational themes that will    assist you in recognizing what your employee related    challenges are and how  we can help you                  overcome them.



Whether your business is large or small

     Koala Cares can offer an educational experience to bring about desirable changes               in your workplace that can create a more positive work environment necessary                  to increase productivity and improve employee retention. This can save money              and increase the necessary revenue businesses and organizations need to provide                                                     optimal services to our communities.

  • Decrease stress and anxiety
  • Improve coping and problem solving skills
  • Improve mindfulness
  • Decrease call outs
  • Lower passive aggressive responses such as gossip
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Increase assuming responsibility
  • Decrease early retirement and disability claims
  • Improve relationships
  • Improve productivity and contributions
  • Decrease somatic pain responses
  • Increase motivation
  • Create a more positive work environment
  • Create awareness to early crisis in self & peers

 our services CAN:


     Decision Making