"I have been in counseling and going to meetings for    thirty years and I have learned more in just one hour    from Joni's group sessions. I am Blown away!"                                                          (Private)

"Nurse Joni helped me realize I am deserving to be happy.    I learned about my shame and why I felt so hopeless."                                              Jon C


Koala Cares LLC Established in 2013

  Founded by Executive Director Joni Jones RNBC: Board Certified in mental health and psychiatric nursing with over 30 years experience

     Joni is the recipient of multiple awards and recognitions and her resume is available upon request.


     Is a motivational educator, published author, group facilitator and has presented at multiple local                and national conferences.

     Is a certified anger management specialist and mental health first aid instructor offering education              and trainings that are viewed by many as life changing.

     Has developed a unique educational motivational training curriculum based on her professional                  experience combined with her own personal challenges and successful outcomes that allows                      individuals to gain the skills necessary to manage stress and anxiety effectively. This formula is                  known to bring genuine change.   

     Is known to empower individuals by creating a learning environment that fosters engagement.                    She assists individuals in recognizing their underlying challenges, becoming mindful and receive                the education necessary to develop an action plan that will get them to their desired end results.

         Focus is on training employees, owners and administrators in the workplace; assisting                           businesses and organizations to increase their productivity while enhancing                                               the overall qualityof life in all those who attend.