Joni has developed a unique curriculum:

 Combining over 30 years of professional experience with her own personal experiences  audiences are known to readily relate to her; creating an optimal learning environment.  Personal growth results from targeted topics allows participants to learn skills necessary to  enhance their performance in the workplace. Feedback confirms there is no other program out  there that compares to this one, providing a formula for successful outcomes.                                                          The motivational style is known to captivate audiences.

It's Time for a FreshStart  

          Providing Proven Solutions and Real Life Experience to Increase Productivity



Message from the Executive Director


  Employee Surveys and Conversations: Dissatisfaction

 #1 complaint related to increased demands and inabilty to meet them

  Personal stressors are not left at home

  Coping skills becoming less effective

  Too much gossip decreasing morale

   Lack of trust amongst co-workers

   Expect others to know what they are thinking

   Call outs related to stress and anxiety

   Substance misuse amongst colleagues

   Underlying depression or bipolar disorders


   Learning one simple strategy can promote effective communication 

   Learn how to produce a calming effect with one simple childhood activity

   Managed anger by learning the 7 predisposing factors

   Learn better coping skills with 3 simple steps

   Take control of flawed thinking patterns